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Reflections of Grand Teton in Jackson Lake
Reflections in Jackson Lake Grand Teton National Park

United States National Parks and Monuments

Anyone who watched the Ken Burns' series on the US National Parks, knows how wonderful our national parks are. They're even more wonderful when you have the chance to visit them in person. We have been fortunate to have the chance to visit several of our national parks. We never tire of visiting them and wonder at the foresight of our great grandparents, grandparents, and parents in preserving these' wonderful places. We'll have to work hard to ensure that they are still there for our children and grandchildren.

North Rim of the Grand Canyon
North Rim of the Grand Canyon

Southwest US National Parks

South Rim of the Grand Canyon
South Rim of Grand Canyon

In 2010 we made a trip to the Southwest US. We were able to visit several of the wonderful national parks and national monuments in that part of the country. These included:

Western US National Parks

In 2010 we took a long Trip West to visit many of the national parks in Wyoming, South Dakota, and Montana. We had a great time in:

We also visited these parks at times not associated with our trip west:

National Parks in Eastern US and Near North Carolina

We're lucky that several parks and other preserved places are located near us. The Great Smoky Mountain and Shenandoah National Parks are an easy drive away. The Blueridge Parkway and several National Battlefields are close by. Plus we're only 5 hours from Washington DC with all of it's special places. And then there are the national seashores on our coast. We visited many of these places in our pre-digital days and haven't scanned the photos from these trips yet. The parks we have digital photos of and have posted here are:

The visit to Acadia National Park was part of a longer trip to Maine and Massachusetts in 2009.

The pages here provide a small sample of the many wonders of our national parks. I hope you'll visit our pages, and then visit the parks in person.

Old Faithful Yellowstone
Old Faithful, Yellowstone National Park

Fall Colors in Shenandoah National Park
Fall in Shenandoah National Park

Small stream in Great Smoky Mountain National Park
Small stream in Great Smoky Mountain National Park

Upper Yellowstone Falls
Upper Yellowstone Falls Yellowstone National Park

Here is a list of all the National Parks we've visited and that are described on this site: