Lake Josephine--Glacier National Park 2008

Boat at Lake Josephine
Getting on boat to tour Lake Josephine

Lake Josephine is located above Swiftcurrent Lake. You can get to it by taking the Swiftcurrent Lake Boat and walking about 200 yards to another boat, or you can follow the trail around Swiftcurrent Lake, or you can paddle to the end of Swiftcurrent Lake and portage into Lake Josephine. We took the Swiftcurrent boat ride.

When we returned the next day to paddle Swiftcurrent Lake,, we met a couple of fellows who had paddled Swiftcurrent Lake and then portaged to Lake Josephine. Nessie is to big to portage.

Mountains reflected in Lake Josephine

The boat ride on Lake Josephine is pleasant. The scenery is great. The commentary on both boat rides is very interesting. It covers some history of the park and the two boats used for the boat rides. We were glad that we timed our trip so that we would be able to take the boat ride.

Head of Lake Josephine

When you reach the head of Lake Josephine, you can get off the boat and take a two mile hike to Lake Grinnell, or stay on the boat. We chose to hike to Lake Grinnell.