Early sunset Lake McDonald

Lake McDonald Glacier National Park

Lake McDonald

Lake McDonald is the largest lake in Glacier National Park. As with all the other lakes in the park it's surrounded by mountains. It's the center of park activities in the western part of the park.

We stopped at the lake to view the sunset. We spent quite a bit of time standing on the beach enjoying the view.

Lake McDonald Lodge

We also found time to explore the Lake McDonald Lodge. Entrance to Lake McDonald Lodge The lodge is listed in the National Register of Historic Places--even though it was built in 1966. It looks like it was designed and built at a much earlier date. It certainly fits in with the rest of the lodges in Glacier. The interior is typical of lodges in the Interior of Lake McDondal Lodge showing deer head western parks--a large lobby area with a fireplace and lots of animal heads. Gives the impression of a hunting lodge.

Fish Creek Area

The Fish Creek area provides a somewhat different view of Lake McDonald than is offered by the area around the lodge. You look east across the lake toward the Going to the Sun Highway and the mountains. At the lodge you are looking more or less north at the mountains.

Mountains and Lake McDonald from Fish Creek Campground

Fish Creek Campground and Picnic Area can be looked at as the last bit of civilization before the northwest part of the park. The paved road leads past the campground and out of the park to the road to Polebridge, Bowman Lake and the far northwest corner of Glacier. Or you can drive to Canada.

View of Mountains looking from the west

It is worth driving out of the park and up the road to Polebridge just to look back into the park from the western side. (You don't need to get off the paved portion of the road.) You get a very different look at the park and the mountains than from other areas of Glacier.