2009 Visit to Coastal Maine

Portland Head Lighthouse
Portland Head Light House

In early September 2009 we visited coastal Maine for several days. A few years ago we visited the interior and wanted to get back to visit the coast. We finally were able to do it. We brougt Nessie with us, so this was a combined sightseeing and paddling trip. The paddling was confined to ponds in Acadia National Park. For more about the paddling trip and Acadia National Park visit Paddling Acadia and Acadia National Park

Waves on Maine Coast

In many ways the Maine coast resembles the west coast from Northern California up through Oregon. It's mostly rocky with little or no beach. Nothing like to coast here in North Carolina. The water is also quite a bit colder than the water at our coast.

Boats in Maine

Our trip to Maine involved a long day's drive from Portland to Lubec where we spent a couple of days. Lubec is the eastern most town in the US. While in Lubec we drove to Campobello, NB Canada to view the Whales whales. From Lubec we drove to Bar Harbor to paddle in Acadia National Park. And then we had a easy day's drive on our last day where we stopped at several villages to take pictures of boats and other neat stuff.

It was a great trip and one we hope to repeat in a year or two.