Exploring Massachusetts

Typical Berkshire View Berkshire View

In September 2009 we visited the Berkshire Mountains in Massachusetts. We enjoyed our visit and had a chance to paddle with Nessie and explore the region. In general the weather was good. We did have one rainy day that we used to visit the Norman Rockwell Museum. And one other marginal day that we used to explore Mount Greylock (the highest point in Massachusets) and other areas.

Stream at Massachusetts Natural Bridge

I found it interesting that the streams in the area were lined with mills--most of which are empty or serve as galleries and other tourist attractions. Most of these mill were probably closed to take advantage of low wages in the south--where the mills are being closed to take advantage of low wages elsewhere.

Norman Rockwell Museum

The Normal Rockwell Museum is well worth the visit. We weren't allowed to take photos there, so there is no page about our visit there. The tour guides have interesting information about the various Saturday Evening Post covers. There is some special bit or story behind most of them. If you have a chance to visit the museum, you should go.