Polebridge Montana 2008

Welcome to Polebridge Sign
Welcome to Polebridge

Sign saying Columbia Falls 35 Canada 22

Polebridge Montana is the only sign of civilization in the northwest area of Glacier. And there's not much civilization here. If you want to get away from it all, this is the place.

Polebridge is located just outside the northwest entrance to Glacier National Park. The road to Polebridge is unpaved for most of the way. It's in pretty good shape and well maintained (for a dirt road). It was pretty dusty when we were there. The road out of Polebridge into the park is not so great. And the road inside the park is basically unmaintained. What maintenance is done is limited to the bears digging a new pothole every so often. The road is in good enough shape,however, that normal cars can travel it with little problem--just drive carefully and slowly.

Polebridge Mercantile

Polebridge Mercantile

The center of Polebridge is the Polebridge Mercantile where you can get groceries, fresh ground coffee and home baked treats such as Danish, bread, gifts, gas (limited to a few emergency gallons), propane, film, fishing tackle, fishing licenses, and beer. The baked treats are wonderful and a must have. The Polebridge Mercantile also provides the only internet access point for miles around. So if you need to check your e-mail, this is the place to stop.

Of course with all the beauty here, I don't see any reason that anyone would want to check e-mail. I would suggest, however, sending an e-mail to all your friends inviting them to visit.

Polebridge is also home to various dogs that roam free. Visitors are requested to keep their dogs on a leash.Dogs at Polebridge MT

There are a few cabins for rent. The community was larger but a major fire in 1988 destroyed many of the structures. The area is coming back from the fire, but there is still a long way to go.

The stop sign appears to be a popular target.

Evidence of 1988 fire in Glacier Park Target practice using stop sign