Rainbow in Arches National Park
Rainbow, Arches National Park

Arches National Park

In our trip to the Southwest US, we were able to spend a couple of days in Arches National Park. The first day we took a 4x4 off road trip to see some of the park away from the main road.

When the 4x4 trip was over we returned to the park in the late afternoon to visit the visitor center and were treated to a thunderstorm. This proved to be a great opportunity so we headed out into the park to see as much as possible while the light was still good and the effects of the rain were present. The double rainbow was one of the many wonderful treats of the rain.

We returned a few days later to visit delicate arch and some of the sights in the main part of the park that we missed in the rain.

Arches and the rest of the Moab, Utah, area is a place we'd like to visit again.

Arches back country.
Arches back country
Arch and spire in Arches National Park
Back country arch in Arches National Park
Wet rocks red dirt at Arches National Park
After the rain, Arches National Park