Trail of the Cedars Glacier National Park

Trees along the Trail of the Cedars
Trail of the Cedars

Lush Vegetation in Trail of Cedars

The trail of the Cedars is a short loop trail in the Avalanche Creek area. The trail goes through a cedar/hemlock forest that is more like the forests in the Pacific coast than those in Glacier. In fact the forest is the furthermost eastern extent of this type of cedar/hemlock forest. The forest here is lush with vegetation. This is probably the wettest area of the park.

Avalance Gorge From Trail of Cedars

The trail is paved and handicapped accessible. You can get a good view of Avalanche Gorge from the bridge that crosses Avalanche Creek.

Large rock along trail of cedars

There are interesting rocks among the trees. I assume that the large isolated rocks were left behind as the ice age glaciers retreated. They certainly look out of place in the middle of a forest.

Water dripping from rocks

The face of the rock cliff that borders one side of the trail provides evidence of how wet this area is. Water is constantly dripping and moss and other plants are all around.

Spider web

When you walk through a place like this, you need to keep your eyes open. There is no telling what interesting things you'll see.