Sunset over Currituck Sound
Sunset over Frozen Sound.

Currituck Sound in Ice

We planned a trip to the North Carolina Outer Banks in January 2014 to see the birds and enjoy a week away from. Little did we know that the week we picked would include some of the coldest weather in many years. Because of the cold, much of Currituck Sound was covered with a layer of ice. Pilings on piers were all sheathed in ice.

Ice on pier
Frozen piling

There wasn't a whole lot of activity on the sound. We found a few birds wondering if they should have gone on south. And a lonely blue heron that wasn't having much luck finding dinner.

Then at sunset we noticed a boat of duck hunters returning from a long day of hunting. One of them had to jump into the water to get the boat loaded. Really have to be dedicated to hunt on days like this. At least there wasn't any wind.

Duck hunters in boat returning at sunset
Hunters's Return
Hunters returning in boat
The return of the hunters

Outer Banks Center for Wildlife Education

We talked to some people at North Carolina Wildlife Commission's Outer Banks Center for Wildlife Education about the ice on the sound. The said that they remembered when they were young that the sound often froze over.

When you visit the Outer Banks be sure to spend some time at the Outer Banks Center for Wildlife Education. It has many interesting exhibits and nice people to talk with. You should also plan to visit Coastal NC National Wildlife Refuges Gateway Visitor Center on the north end of Roanoke Island on the opposite side of US 64 from The Lost Colony.

Ice on plants
Birds on ice
Birds on Ice
Blue Heron on ice
Hungry Heron
Lone bird looking at ice
Time to go south