Stumpy Point, NC 2008

Fishing Boats at Stumpy Point NC
Fishing Boats at Stumpy Point, North Carolina

We saw a sign pointing to Stumpy Point as we were driving along and decided to make a side trip. We had no idea what was at Stumpy Point, but figured we had some extra time and the day was beautiful so we'd stop and take a look.

Abandonded Boat Stumpy Point, NC
Abandoned Boat in Stumpy Point, North Carolina

It appears that Stumpy Point is a small fishing village that has fallen on hard times. There were a number of crab traps piled on the bank of the water ways. It didn't look like the crab pots had been used in quite awhile. North Carolina is one of the leading sources of blue crabs so it seemed strange to see so many crab pots out of the water.

I know that many of the North Carolina coastal waters have been closed due to high pollution levels. So that may be part of the problem.

Many of the boats were partially submerged in the water. Even those that floated looked the worse for wear. Even though it was mid morning on a week day, we didn't see any people around.

Abandoned Boat Stumpy Point, NC 2008
Another abandoned boat

There is a pretty church.

Shiloh Church Stumpy Point, North Carolina
Shiloh Church, Stumpy Point, North Carolina

Stumpy Point Oyster Fest

As is mentioned below, I learned that there is an annual oyster fest at Stumpy Point in February. I haven't found any information on upcoming Oyster Feast, but if you're interested you can contact the Bayview Chapel at 252.473.5869.

Stumpy Point has a volunteer fire department. Their website is at Stumpy Point VFD. Check out the crab feast page.

When we got back home, I tried to find some additional information about Stumpy Point. Google wasn't much help. I got sites offering me 4 star hotels in Stumpy Point--highly unlikely--limo service, weather, and more weather, etc. Looks like Google is set up to give you real estate, limos, and four star hotels as default for locations were there is little information on the web. I'd rather see a blank page than a bunch of commercials for places that don't exist.

Microsoft's search engine dropped much of the same useless stuff, but did lead to the page Stumpy Point describing a reverse osmosis plant at Stumpy Point. Several pages later I found that there is an annual oyster feast in Stumpy Point in early February. I haven't found any information on upcoming Oyster Feast, but if you're interested you can contact the Bayview Chapel at 252.473.5869.

Microsoft's BING seems to be even less useful. A search for history of Stumpy Point NC gives about 8 pages of Weather Underground Links before anything else and then several additional pages of nothing--never did get the links mentioned above. Such is the difficultly of finding useful information on the web.

Teach's Light

I found this The Legend of Teach's Light a link to a story about the light that guards Blackbeard's treasure. It is supposed to be a well known legend to people living in Stumpy Point. If you're interested in following up on this check NC Historic Sites.

How to get to Stumpy Point

If you're interested in exploring Stumpy Point, here are directions. Take the Virginia Dare Memorial Bridge from Roanoke Island to Manns Harbor. Head west for a short spell, and then south at Hwy 264. You'll drive through the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge. After several miles Stumpy Point will be the first fishing village on your left.

We plan to get back to Stumpy Point on our next trip to the area.