Exporing Brooks Millpond North Carolina

Dam and Gristmill at Brock's Millpond Trenton, NC
Gristmill and Dam at Brock's Millpond

Brock's millpond is a pretty pond located in Trenton, NC. The millpond is located on South HWY 59 just outside of Trenton. The first mill was built here before the Revolutionary War. The mill building is closed to the public. So you have to admire it and the millpond from the road along Highway 59.

Brock's millpond showing trees reflected in water.
Brock's Millpond
Tree in Brock's Millpond
Brock's Millpond

I had seen a brief writeup about the Brock's Millpond just before we headed for the beach. Since Trenton wasn't too far out of the way on our drive home, we made a short detour to find Brock's Millpond.

We thought about paddling the millpond, but didn't see any directions to a public putin. So we took a few pictures, enjoyed the beauty and headed home.

I recently found a writeup about paddling Brock's Millpond at Brooks Milllpond. They had several nice picture of the paddle. Based on the trip report, we'll try to add this spot on our next trip to the beach.

Black and White photo of Brock's Millpond
Brock's Millpond