Hanging Rock State Park, 2007

Waterfall Hanging Rock State Park, NC

We visited Hanging Rock State Park in late March 2007. Even then the effects of the coming 2007 drought were evident. The waterfalls were nearly empty. Since this was late winter or early spring, the falls should have had significantly more water in them. We hope to get back at some later time when the stream flows are higher. We finally made in it in January 2010. Waterfall Hanging Rock NC

Waterfall with litte water

Even though the waterfalls were not as full as expected, the trip to the park was well worth it. The hiking trail to the various waterfalls is easy-at least on the way down. Although the climb back up was harder than the climb down. But at least it wasn't uphill both ways.

Pink Flower at Hanging Rock State Park
Early flower at Hanging Rock State Park, NC
Water dripping down rocks
Low water at hidden falls, Hanging Rock State Park

For information on how to get there and what else to do visit the NC Parks official site. The photo on the site shows what the falls should look like.

Creek at Window Falls
Window Falls Hanging Rock State Park, NC
Pink Flower
Hidden Falls very low flow
Hidden Falls Hanging Rock State Park, NC