Lake Mattamuskeet 2012

Lake Mattamuskeet Lodge 2012
Lake Mattamuskeet Lodge NC

In January 2012 we headed east to visit Lake Mattamuskeet and other places to see the Tundra Swans and other birds. Unlike our visit to Lake Mattamuskeet in 2008 we did see some Tundra Swans this year (2012). However, there were not as many Tundra Swans as there were during our visit to Lake Mattamuskeet in 2007 when the lake was white with Tundra Swans.

We did see some ducks along with the Tundra Swans. We didn't see any snow geese this time.

We had to leave Nessie home because Lake Mattamuskeet is closed to boating until March.

We did not see any Nutrias this year. We know that there is a major effort underway to greatly reduce the Nutria population in all areas of the US. The Nutrias are a major nuisance and damage the marsh area. An internet search results in several a list of several sites throughout the US were Nutria control efforts are underway. I was surprised to see the wide distribution of the Nutria in the US. See USGS Map to see were Nutrias are found. I found that Nutrias had invaded the Seattle, Washington houseboat community where we lived when I was in graduate school a hundred (only seems that way) years ago. See Nutria in Seattle.

Egret flying past pine tree
Egret at Lake Mattamuskeet-2012
Birds at Lake Mattamuskeet 2012
Resting Birds, Lake Mattamuskeet 2012
Various ducks at Lake Mattamuskeet
Ducks at Lake Mattamuskeet 2012
Ducks and Tundra Swans at Lake Mattamuskeet
Ducks and Tundra Swans at Lake Mattamuskeet 2012
Tundra Swas at Lake Mattamuskeet
Tundra Swans Lake Mattamuskeet 2012