Tail of the Dragon, North Carolina

Minivan at Dragon
Minivan at the Dragon

Tail of the Dragon is an 11 mile stretch of US 129 with 318 curves in 11 mile that starts in Deals Gap, NC and go downhill into Tennessee. Because threre are no intersections over the 11 mile twisty downhill run, it is considered one of the most exciting drives in America. People come from all over to take the drive. There are often serious accidents on the drive as people try to see how quickly they can make the run. The store at Deals Gap has a running video of past wrecks.

In recent years, the Tennessee law enforcement has tried to keep the run under some control. During the summer months, the Blount County Rescue Squad maintains a presence on The Dragon on the weekends to assist Rural/Metro with emergency calls stemming from the frequent motorcycle accidents that occur there.

We found the drive fun but didn't try overdrive the road. I think it would be a fun drive in my Celica.

Dragon Resort
Tail of the Dragon Resort
Motor Cyles at Dragon Resort
Tail of the Dragon Resort
Tail of the Dragon