Red leaves in Medoc Mountain State Park NC
Medoc Mountain State Park, NC.

Medoc Mountain State Park, NC 2009

Stream full of leaves in Medoc Mountain State Park

Medoc Mountain State Park is not really a mountain. It is the remains of a 350 year old major mountain range. After all those years of erosion, the mountains peak at about 325 feet above sea level. What's left is forest (second growth) and quite a bit of rugged terrain (at least for this part of the state) that is unusual for the Piedmont part of the state. The trees and the small streams in the park provide a quiet beauty.

We where there in late October 2009. The leaves in many of the trees are turned colors. Fishing Creek, the stream in the park, was full of leaves. In places the leaves completely covered the water.

Fall colors in Medoc Mountain State Park

Most of the trails in the park are fairly level. There are a few uphill stretches. But even those aren't too strenuous. The park trail map rates all the trails easy to moderate. The trails are well marked with colored markers or blazes on trees.

Fishing Creek can provide a nice paddle trip when it has more water than it did when we visited. Some stretches of the creek looked like they would provide a good paddle. But several stretches were very shallow and would have to be portaged. Also there were a few spots where trees had fallen and blocked the creek. The Wildernet guide says that the paddle takes about 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

Our RV
Our dogs, Belle and Tony, Medoc Mountain
Our dogs, Belle (the cocker) and Tony, at Medoc State Park

This was the first trip we made in our new RV (a 1997 Chinook Concourse). We were able to take our dogs, Belle and Tony on the overnight trip. They enjoyed the long hikes--and were totally wore out for the trip home.