Trip West on the road Durham, NC to Sioux City IA

Kayak Nessie loaded on minvan
Nessie loaded on the minivan ready to head west

Durham, NC to Sioux City, IA

The first days of the trip were scheduled to cover 600 plus miles each day and didn't have much time for stopping and enjoying the view. So there aren't many photos for this part of the trip. Even though some of the country was worth stopping for.

Sunset over farmland Sunset with feed mill in background

This part of the trip took us through North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Illinois, Ohio, and Iowa.

The variety of the landscape on this part of the trip is amazing. We went from the slightly hilly Piedmont of North Carolina, into the Blue Ridge country of North Carolina and Virginia, then into the mountains of West Virginia. From West Virginia west the landscape became flatter and flatter. Rolling hills gave way to more or less flat plains.

Once we got into Illinois, we were into farming country. The landscape is dominated by corn and other crops and the man made structures needed to support farming. You can see why people left the east to come here and farm.