Across the Missouri River

Bridge across the Missouri River
Historic Bridge Across the Missouri River Chamberlain, SD

Across the Missouri River at Chamerlain South Dakota

Historic Marker Commemorating Bridges across Missouri River in South Dakota.
Railroad Bridge at Chemberlain, SD showing shadows of bridge on water
Railroad bridge at Chamerlain, SD

The Missouri River divides Western South Dakota from Eastern South Dakota. It was a serious barrier until the state decided to build several bridges across the river starting in the 1920s. This bridge at Chamerlain is the only one of the original bridges left. The others were replaced Corps of Engineers' projects made them unusable. A full story of the bridges can be found Oral History Project. An interesting railroad bridge is also here at Chamerlain.

Plains of South Dakota

Rolling hills east of Missouri River in SD
Countryside near Missouri River
Plains of South Dakota
Plains of South Dakota
Farm in Western South Dakota storage buildings and farm equipment
West of the Missouri River

The landscape on the near the Missouri river is quite hilly. This is in sharp contrast to the flat plains before you reach the river and the flat plains after you cross the river. It doesn't take long after you cross the river to get back into the flat plains.

Farmland in SD with pond
Western South Dakota Plains before Badlands

There is a beauty to the plains. They are not as spectacular as the mountains or the sea coast, but they are beautiful. The interplay of clouds, light,and land changes by the minute. When we were then in September, the ground cover had a strong red hue.

As we got closer to the Badlands National Park, we began to see the multilayers of erosion that typify the badlands. Cattle grazing made it look like something out of the old west.

Western SD plains with storm coming
Storm coming
Approaching the badlands cattle grazing starting to see badlands features
Approaching the badlands