Beaufort, NC from the water
On Taylor's Creek looking towards Beaufort, NC waterfront.

Paddling Taylor's Creek Beaufort, NC 2008

We always paddle Taylor's Creek in Beaufort when we make our annual visit to Atlantic Beach around the fourth of July. It's a good way to see the waterfront, the horses, and find an area of beach all our own.

Menhaden factory Beaufort NC
Menhaden factory Beaufort, NC

The boat launch is at the end of front street (the street that goes along the waterfront) in a public park next to the menhaden factory. We park the mini van in the shade, unload Nessie, and pull her to the boat ramp. On our visit this year, there were a couple of outboard boats coming in and a couple going out. But it was easy to slip Nessie in between these uses of the boat ramp. And the power boat people are always courteous.

Menhaden boats in 2004
Menhaden Boats in 2004, Beaufort, NC
Menhaden Plant
Menhaden Plant, Beaufort, NC

The Menhaden Boats in Beaufort are gone

The first thing we noticed when we got to the park was that the menhaden boats were gone. I miss them because there is something neat about a working boat--even if it is sort of rusty. I've included a photo showing the Menhaden boats as they were in 2004.

It seems that the menhaden plant in Beaufort has closed. I'm sure the site is much too valuable to be used for a fish factory. But I'll miss it. Condos and other development just don't evoke the same feeling as commercial boating activity.

It is sad that the working areas of the waterfront at the coast are being squeezed out by development. There is something special about a working waterfront. Part of it, I'm sure, is simply the different type of working craft from tugs to shrimp boats to large ocean going vessels that you see. I enjoy looking at the various pleasure craft too, but really miss the working boats.

Carrot Island, Birds, Flowers, and Wild Horses

On this trip we started headed east towards the tip of Carrot Island and into Back Sound. The creek is well protected from the wind, but when we got to the tip of the island we had to work a little harder because of the wind.

Kayaks on Carrot Island
Kayaks on Carrot Island

After a bit of paddling, we spotted a small area of sand and landed the boats for lunch and a bit of beach combing. Our lunch for paddling is almost alway peanut butter and jelly. Seems to really go good with paddling.

Flowers on Carrot Island NC

After lunch some of us went swimming and other wandered down the beach and a little bit inland on the island. I found a pretty bunch of flowers enjoying the sun during my wondering. I really hoped to see a horse or two, but didn't find any on this side of the island. .

Sea shell on Carrot Island NC
Sea Shell on Carrot Island, Beaufort, NC
Adult horses
Adult horses Beaufort, NC
Wild Horse colt Carrot Island NC
Check out the Colt, Taylor's Creek, Beaufort, NC

After lunch we headed back around the tip of the island towards Beaufort. This time we spotted two horses coming out of the trees. What was even better was that after the adults determined that the coast was clear, a colt joined them. We had never seen a colt in the many years we've been coming to Beaufort so this was a special treat. They disappeared into the trees before we could get close. probably because a couple other horses came out of the woods and took over their spot.

As always, you'll find more photos at our photo gallery..

Places to Visit in Beaufort, NC

Main Street, Beaufort NC
Beaufort, NC

While you're in Beaufort, you should check out the NC Maritime Museum on front street. Be sure to check the boat building shed across the street from the museum building. You'll probably find them rebuilding some interesting water craft.

In the evening walk along the waterfront and stop at the Dock House and listen to one of the local bands.

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