Reversing Falls Hancock Maine

Reversing Falls, Hancock Maine
Reversing Falls Hancock Maine

Reversing Falls at low tide Reversing Falls at Low Tide

As we were driving along near Hancock Maine, we spotted a sign saying Reversing Falls with an arrow pointing down a small paved road. Because we had no schedule, we turned down the road to see what was there. We found a small park maintained by Frenchman Bay Conservancy overlooking a Reversing Falls Low Tide spectacular reversing falls. We stayed around a bit taking pictures and enjoying the beauty of the spot. (See for directions and explaination of reversing falls)

Reversing falls at low tide Reversing falls at low tide

There was a sign advising us to return at low tide for a more spectacular view of the falls. We planned the rest of the day to be sure that we got back in time--late afternoon. We were glad we did. The water flow due to the tide was quite impressive.

We spent quite a bit of time admiring the falls and talking with people who drove up to see the show. Several people told us that we missed an even bigger reversing falls when we were in the Lubec Maine region. And we missed the world's biggest Whirlpool. Oh well another reason for a return trip.