Drive from Lubec to Bar Harbor

Boats in harbor
Boats along the way from Lubec to Bar Harbor

Lighthouse in Maine

Mapquest estimated that the time required to drive from Lubec to Bar Harbor was about two and one-half hours. This meant that we had plenty of time to sightsee along the way.

Dock with lobster traps and floats
Dock with Lobster traps and floats
Lobster boats
Lobster boats

We drove into several of the fishing villages along the way. We were facinated by the colors of the lobster boats, the lobster traps, and the floats. They add colors to the seascape that we don't often see in North Carolina.

Grounded boat
Waiting for high tide

The fact that the tides in this area are extreme was visible everywhere. The docks had long stairways and ramps leading down to the water. And several boats were tied up on dry (well really muddy) land.

Pile of floats

At one of our stops we encountered two dogs that wanted to play. Neither one of us can resist animals, so we had to spend some time with them. I think they were waiting for one of the lobster boats so that they could get a handout.

We found fishing or lobstering gear everywhere we looked. It is obvious that this area depends on the sea.

Trying to get the ball from the dog to throw
Please give me the ball
Lobster traps
Lobster Traps
Lobster Boat waiting for tide to come in
Hope the tide comes in