Kayaking in the Berkshires

Paddling Upper Highland Lake Massachusetts

Nessie at Upper Highland Lake

Reflection of clouds Upper Highland

Upper Highland Lake is located in the Daughters of the American Revolution State Forest in the Berkshires. If you're coming from Goshen, go north on state route 112 to Moore Hill Road and turn right. If you're coming from North Adams, take state Route 2 east to Shelburn falls. Then go south on Route 112 and turn left onto Moore Hill Road.

Upper Highland Lake The lake is formed by a dam that was once used to power silk mills located in Goshen, MA. Two of the nicest features of the lake are that motors are prohibited and there is no development except for the recreational facilities. There is a second lake, Lower Highland Lake, in the DAR State Forest; but we did not paddle on it. There is considerable development on Lower Highland Lake.

Ducks on Upper Highland Lake
Heron at Upper Highland Lake

We found that Upper Highland Lake was a quiet scenic paddle. We had the lake to ourselves in mid week. On our paddle we passed a group of ducks swimming on the lake. They didn't pay any attention to us and just kept on swimming. We also passed a heron that was fishing for lunch. It made seemed to be doing quite well catching small fish. It was not concerned about us either.

The deciduous trees; a mix of birch, maple,beech and oak; should be an impressive sight when the leaves change color.