Kayaking the Berkshires

Paddling Littleview Lake

Littleview Lake Berkshires

Littleview lake was created by the Corps of Engineers to control flooding on the Middle Branch of the Westfield River. It is a great place to paddle.

Littleview Lake

The lake is surrounded by trees. There is a typical mix of sugar and red maples, white ash, oak birch, and some aspen and other. I suspect that fall colors would be gorgeous in Red leaves on Littleview Lake late September or early October. We could see just a hint of color during our vist (early September). Perhaps we'll find time some day to come back when the colors are at their peak. Ducks in flight
Ducks on Littleview Lake

During our paddle we saw a flock of ducks fly in. A couple landed fairly close to Nessie.

We were able to paddle a short distance up the Westfield river, but soon ran out of water and into a large number of exposed rocks. Probably wouldn't be able to paddle much further even if there were more water. The exposed rocks presented a major barrier to additional up river paddling. The water is crystal-clear, as is the water in the other lakes we paddled.


As we paddled back to the boat ramp, we passed a heron sitting on a rock. It was so intent on preening, that itdidn't notice us as we passed by.