Kayaking the Bershires

North Pond in Savoy Mountain State Forest

North Pond

Kayak on North Pond

North pond is a small pond located in Savoy Mountain State Forest. Getting there proved to be an interesting process because our GPS wanted to go down several unpaved rapidly narrowing road. We finally gave up on the GPS and went with the directions in Quiet Water Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island, 2nd: Canoe and Kayak Guide (AMC Quiet Water Series).

There are other ponds in Savoy Mountain State park, but we were advised that North Pond provided tbe best paddling because the other ponds suffered from low water levels. The pond is small and can be paddled in a very short time. But it is a pretty spot. And in spite of the fact that the picnic area and campground at the pond were nearly full, it was a peaceful paddle.

North Pond