Paddling Mahoning Creek Lake

Bird on Rcck Mahoning Creek Lake

Mahoning Creek Lake was the last paddle of our trip. The dam that created the lake is a Corps of Engineers flood control dam. When we got there to paddle, the water was rather low, but there was enough for Nessie. So we got her off the mini van and into the water.

Remains of old bridge

The water in creek was crystal clear. We paddled down the creek to the dam and then turned around and paddled upstream. We passed the remains of an old bridge. Shortly after the bridge, we had to turn around because the current was too strong to paddle against.

Deer crossing Mahoning Creek

The high light of the paddle was reached as we returned to the launch point. A group of deer crossed the creek just behind us. They swam across the creek and then headed up the bank. The youngest one was the last to leave.

What a great way to end the trip.

Deer Crossing the Mahoning Creek
Deer Crossing the Mahoning Creek
Yearling Deer starting up the bank.
Wait for me