Exploring the Pennsylvania Wilds

Calf elk nursing

Map of Pennsylvania showing location of Wilds

In September of 2006 we took Nessie to explore the Pennsylvania Wilds. This is the region's real name. It covers 12 counties in Northcentral Pennsylvania. The map shows the area that is covered.

Statue of Punxsutaweny Phil playing bagpipe
Oil Well

As part of this trip we planned to do some paddling, visit the large elk herd, and say hi to Punxsutawney Phil. During our visit we learned about the importance of the railroad to Pennsylvania. And of course we learned a bit about the oil industry here.

We also got some paddling in. After all we didn't bring Nessie along just to ride on top of the mini van. Some of the paddles were on small ponds such as Shaggers Inn. But we did some larger lakes too.

This is a fascinating part of the US--full of interesting history, places to paddle, and things to see. Check out the pages here that highlight our visit. The Kinzua Viaduct is an example of the importance of the railroads and the challenges of transporting the area's raw materials to market.