Pasture with cows and house
Pretty Farm near Todd, NC

Joy of road trips:Interesting sights found while driving

Except for a couple of cruises to Alaska and airplane trips to Seattle and San Francisco, all of our trips have been by car. Long many thousand tips across county and shorter trips to nearyby states and locations. The major advantage of traveling by car, in addition to the fact that there is no limit on the stuff we can take, is that we can stop check out places and things that we would not necessarily make special trip to see.

Semi with Triple trailer
Triple trailer

Some of what we've seen is surprising, like the semi with the triple trailer. These are legal in only a few states. It's strange to see one. We saw one trying to make a turn on a city street and it was not having much success.

Other time we come across pretty farms like the one above near Todd, NC. And then we sometimes find pretty places like Todd, NC. We would never have found these places unless we were traveling by car. When possible, we try and find something about the place. Sometimes there is a sign and sometimes there is information on the internet. We think finding something about the place makes it more interesting. Of course, there are often places, like this old mine shaft we came across in Colorado, that are just there and interesting.

Old mine shaft in Colorado
Old Mine Shaft, Colorado

I've broken this section up into cross county places to highlight some interesting things we've seen in our trips across country and nearby places to highlight some interesting things we've come across in our travel in North Carolina and neighboring states.

The idea of this section of the site is to show the joy of coming across the unexpected as we drive around.