Waterfalls on Swift Current Creek
Waterfalls, Swift Current Creek Glacier National Park

Many Glacier Area, Glacier National Park

Our first stop in 2012 was Many Glacier where we planned to spend a few days in the Many Glacier Lodge. The lodge, located on Swift Current Lake, was built by the Great Northern Railroad to serve the many visitors that the railroad brought to the park. It is one of the historic lodges found in the various national parks.

Many Glacier Lodge from Swift Current Lake
Many Glacier Lodge from boat on Swift Current Lake

We vowed to stay in the lodge when we visited the Many Glacier area in 2008. We were not disappointed in our stay and recommend the lodge to anyone visiting the Many Glacier area.

The weather in 2008 was clear while the weather for much of our 2012 stay the weather was cloudy and rainy--but we didn't let that bother us.

View of Lake Shurburne with mountains in background
Lake Shurburne, Glacier National Park

When you drive into the Many Glacier area you should stop and enjoy the view of Lake Shurburne. This is always a nice view and is especially nice at sunset. You also need to stop and enjoy the waterfalls on Swift Current Creek along the road into Many Glacier. People often drive past these in their hurry to get to the lodge.

Waterfalls on Swift Current Creek
Waterfalls on Swift Current Creek, September 2012
Swift Current Lake with clouds and mountains
Swift Current Lake, September 2012

One of the features of Many Glacier, and much of the rest of the Rocky Mountains, is that the mountains raise up boom from the plains. You're on the plains for a long time and then there are the mountains. This area was created by glaciers and they cut the lakes and valleys deep and narrow.

The clouds and rain made the views across Swift Current Lake constantly change. One moment we could see forever and then the clouds would come in and all we could see was the base of the mountains and the lake.

View across swift current lake
View Across Swift Current Lake
Clouds reducing visibility across swift current lake
Reduced visibility across Swift Current Lake
View Across Swift Current Lake
Swift Current Lake, Many Glacier, Glacier National Park