Mount Greylock Massachusetts

Mount Greylock Summit showing The Massachusetts Veterans War Memorial Tower
The Massachusetts Veterans War Memorial Tower at Mount Greylock Summit

View from Mount Greylock
View from Mount Greylock

Mount Greylock is the highest point in Massachusetts at an elevation of 3,491 feet. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts acquired the area in 1898, to preserve its natural environment for public enjoyment. Mount Greylock is Massachusetts first state park.

We were pleased to discover that the road up Mount Greylock had reopened in 2009. The day we drove up was rather cool and overcast but with great visibility. It started to clear as we reached the summit. There are several turnouts on the road that provide great views of the surrounding area.

Wild flowers at Mount Greylock
Wild flowers along Appalachian Trail Mount Greylock
Message board showing distances on Appalachian Trail
Appalachian Trail Sign in Bascom Lodge Mount Greylock

The Appalachian Trail passes through Mount Greylock. Its Thunderbolt Shelter is a major stopping point for those using the trail. Mount Greylock is about 590 miles from the end of the trail in Maine and 1,554 miles from its start in Georgia. So for those headed south on the trail, there's a long hike ahead.

Bascom Lodge is a rustic stone and wood Lodge that was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930's to provide accommodations for hikers and vacationers. It proivdes food and lodging for visitors. Reservations are required for rooms, breakfast, and dinner. The lodge is closed in the winter.

Bascom Lodge exterior
Bascom Lodge
Interior of Bacom Lodge Mount Greylock
Interior of Bascom Lodge

It is amazing how much of the infrastructure in our parks and other areas is due to the work of the Civilian Conservation Corps. Much of what we find in nataional and state parks would not exist except for the Civilian Conservation Corps. For a short history of the the Civilian Conservation Corps visit" U. S. For a complete history visit National Archives

The summit of Mount Greylock is the site of the The Massachusetts Veterans War Memorial Tower. The tower is shaped like a lighthouse. According to one website the memorial was originally slated for Boston Harbor.