Graveyard Fields on Blueridge Parkway
Graveyard Fields on Blue Ridge Parkway, NC

Graveyard Fields Blue Ridge Parkway

View of Graveyard Fields showing fall colors and waterfall
Fall colors and waterfall, Graveyard Fields Blueridge Parkway

The small valley called Graveyard Fields near milepost 419 on the Blue Ridge Parkway (about 37 miles south of Asheville, NC) is one of the most beautiful spots on the Parkway. The valley is formed by the Yellowstone Prong and has three waterfalls; upper, second, and lower. The valley is an amazing place, with great easy hiking trails, and backpack campsites. If you're new to backpacking, or just want to check your gear, this is the place for you. But you don't need to hike to appreciate the beauty of the place. Just pull off into one of the overlooks on the Parkway and enjoy the view.

Check out our Graveyard Fields 2002 page for more about the trails and falls at Graveyard Fields.

Waterfall and fall colors at Graveyard Fields
Graveyard Fields Blue Ridge Parkway

The place is spectacular in the fall. The colors along the Yellowstone Prong and surrounding hills are beautiful and really set off the waterfalls.

Graveyard fields in late fall no leaves
Late fall at Graveyard Fields
Tree reflected in water Lower Falls Graveyard Fields
Reflections, Graveyard Fields 2010

In the late fall the place is pretty barren with all the leaves gone. But a short hike to the lower waterfalls is a nice break from driving the Parkway. The area around the lower falls is well worth exploring. Look at the rocks and can see why the stream is called Yellowstone Prong.

Red leaves
Fall Leaves, Graveyard Fields
Lower Yellowstone Falls at Graveyard Fields
Lower Yellowstone Falls, Graveyard Fields
Yellow rocks at Lower Yellowstone Falls at Graveyard Fields
Rocks at Lower Yellowstone Falls Graveyard Fields
Graveyard fields in Fog
Graveyard Fields in the Fog