North Rim of the Grand Canyon-Day 1

Grand Canyon From Point Imperial
View from Point Imperial North Rim Grand Canyon

The North Rim is much less developed than the south rim and only about 10% of visitors make it to the north rim. There is one lodge and one campground at the north rim. The nearest place for services is Jacob Lake 45 miles away. If your car breaks down, Jacob Lake is the nearest garage. If the North Rim Lodge is full, Jacob Lake is your nearest option. So you get the idea. The North Rim is an isolated place.

The North Rim is higher than the South Rim and thus receives more precipitation. The extra precipitation often falls as snow. This means that the roads can be closed in early spring and late fall. The lodge and other facilities close on October 15 and usually open on May 15.

After we stopped at the North Rim Visitor Center, we headed for Point Imperial to find a picnic table and have lunch. After lunch we walked to the rim of the canyon for our first view of the Grand Canyon. We were awed by the view. There is nothing like it anywhere else.

One of the interesting facts about the North Rim is that you can't see the Colorado River from most of the view points.

Our first view of Grand Canyon
First View

While we were eating lunch a pair of birds showed up to welcome us to the North Rim. Actually I think they were looking to share our lunch and left as soon as it was clear that we weren't going to feed the wild life.

Blue jays
Welcoming party

We explored the North Rim and found that although you can't see the river from most North Rim vantage points, the views of the canyon an awsome. We couldn't get enough of the canyon.

View of North Rim of the Grand Canyon
North Rim of Grand Canyon from our Picnic Spot

Point Imperial North Rim of Grand Canyon
Point Imperial
Mount Hayden North Rim of Grand Canyon
Mount Hayden Point Imperial North Rim Grand Canyon

There was some smoke from a prescribed burn in the park.

Smoke in Grand Canyon
Smoke from Prescribed Burn

We stayed out to catch the sunset, and then headed to the lodge of dinner. Then to bed so we could get up early to catch the sunrise.

Grand Canyon from North Rim
Grand Canyon from the North Rim

Angel's Window North Rim Grand Canyon
Angel Window North Rim Grand Canyon
North Rim of Grand Canyon
North Rim of Grand Canyon

Our log cabin
Our cabin

Sunset-overlooking Grand Canyon Bright Angel
North Rim Sunset Bright Angel

Sunset North Rim

Sunset North Rim