Gros Ventre Area Grand Teton

Gros Venture Sign
Gros Ventre

Grazing Buffalo
Grazing Buffalo in Gros Ventre Area of Grand Teton

On the way to the Gros Ventre Slide, we passed a herd of buffalo. The range grass was so high, that the buffalo were almost hidden by it.

Teton Mountains seen from Gros Ventre
Teton Mountains as seen from Gros Ventre

The view of the montains from the road to Gros Ventre is beautiful. It highlights the fact that the mountains come right out of the valley.

Gros Ventre Slide and Slide Lake

Gros Ventre Slide Area
Gros Ventre Slide

The Gros Ventre area of Grand Teton National Park is not as well visited as are the mountains and lakes in the park. The key feature of Gros Ventre is the Gros Ventre slide, one of the largest earth movements in the world.On June 23, 1925, in just three minutes, huge amounts of rock and debris cascaded down the north slope of Sheep Mountain and up the other side of the valley. The slide carried 50 million cubic yards of debris at about 50 miles per hour. The slide carried 300 feet up the opposite slope. The debris blocked the Gros Ventre River, and formed a five-mile long lake.

In 1927 the dam failed and the town of Kelly was destroyed. The flood killed six people and did an estimated $500,000 worth of damage. As a result of the flood, Jackson was awarded the county seat and not Kelly. If the flood hadn't happened Kelly would be the happening spot--not Jackson.

For more information about the slide and the flood visit Gros Ventre Slide. This web site has the full story. You should find the whole story quite interesting.

Debris field of Gros Ventre Slide
View from the top of Gros Ventre debris field

Remains of Slide Lake
Slide lake left behind after the flood.

Views of Grand Teton from Gros Ventre

Tetons from Gros Ventre slide area
Teton Mountains from Gros Ventre Slide Area

There are excellent views of the Grand Teton from Gros Ventre slide area. Not quite as spectacular as the view from Schwabacher Landing, but it is worth the trip.

Dudes riding in Gros Ventre Grand Teton

Horse riders headed to the ranch.
Headed Home Gros Ventre

We also saw a group of dudes headed back to the ranch after a days ride. It looked like they got back just in time to avoid a serious afternoon thunderstorm.

Storm on the Tetons
Storm over the Grand Teton Mountains

Black and White of view of Tetons from Gros Ventre
Teton from Gros Ventre