Georgia Mountains and Tallulah Gorge

Fall Colors in the Georgia Mountains
Fall in the Georgia Mountains

Fall Colors in Georgia Mountains

Fall in the Georgia Mountains is very colorful. The colors peak slightly later than the colors in North Carolina, so by careful (or lucky) timing of our visits we can catch peak colors for several weeks. The fall of 2008 was especially beautiful in North Carolina and Georgia.

Colorful leaves in Georgia Mountains

The drive from North Carolina to Tallulah Gorge was beautiful. The light and the fall colors were spectacular and we stopped at several places to admire the view.

Tallulah Gorge

Tallulah Gorge showing water and fall colors
Tallulah Gorge, Georgia

Tallulah Gorge is a spectacular two mile long canyon in Georgia. The canyon is nearly 1,000 feet deep. There are several waterfalls in the canyon. There is an easy trail along the top of the gorge that provides several good views of the waterfalls.

Small stream along Tallulah Gorge Trail
Along the Tallulah Gorge Trail

The trail passes through hardwoods and small streams that are pretty in their own right. It is worth the walk, just to enjoy the fall colors along the trail. The views of the gorge are an added (and big) bonus.

View of Upper Tallulah Gorge
Upper Tallulah Gorge

The gorge was a prime tourist attraction in the 1800s. The river was damed in the 1910s to provide electric power killing the tourist industry. The state of Georgia and Georgia Power joined together to create Tallulah Gorge State Park in 1993.

Tullulah Gorge Dam
The Dam
Water falls in Tallulah Gorge
Waterfalls in Tullulah Gorge