Savannah Georgia

Bridge in Savannah GA

Savannah, GA is one of our favorite cities. We used to go there every year for the Scottish Game when our daughter was competing; but haven't been there for several years. In 2007 and 2009 we finally had the time when we returned from short trips to Florida.

tugboats Savannah Tugboat

Our favorite area is the waterfront. Savannah's waterfront is still very much a working waterfront, with large ships moving up and down the river and tugs moored on the banks. A working waterfront is a very interesting place, with ships from all over the world plus the tugs. There are also the tour boats and the water taxis that take people over to the hotel complex across the river. And, of course, there are a few pleasure boats.

Musicians at Savannah Waterfront
Great show at Savannah Waterfront

There is also usually a group or two of musicians playing and singing. The gentlemen in the picture have been performing as long as we've been going to Savannah. They put on a great show.

On the weekend there is usually an art show or something going on in the public spaces.

The building fronts and the view of the top of the churches in the distance are one of the major sights in Savannah. We were glad to see that the Irish pub was still there. Several of the businesses that we had visited in the past were no longer there in 2007 or in later visits.

Buildings on Savannah waterfront
Buildings on River Street Savannah, GA
Sea gull with bridge in background
Savannah Waterfront, GA
Savannah Bridge and waterfront at night.
Savannah Waterfront at night

The stairs leading down the the waterfront are steep and uneven. You really need to watch you step. A few weeks of walking up and down these stairs would be a great conditioning program.

Stairs leading to Savannah waterfront
Stairs leading from Savannah Waterfront to Street

The trees and grass on the street above the waterfront provide a different atmosphere. Just walking up the stairs puts you into a different place.

Trees in Savannah
Tree and grass Savannah, GA
Water taxi on Savannah waterfront
Water Taxi Savannah Waterfront
Tour boat with hotel in background Savannah waterfront
Savannah Waterfront
Church in Savannah Georgia
Tybee Lighthouse
Tybee Lighthouse

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