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Yellow leaves on Skyline Drive
Fall on the Skyline Drive

Grand Tetons National Park
Grand Teton National Park

Great Sand Dunes National Park
Grand Sand Dunes National Park

Blue Rige Parkway
Fall on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Welcome to Travels with Nessie.

It's been quite awhile since I've added anything to the site. The two years and counting of Covid have limited our travel. And just when we thought things were getting back to normal, the virus changed and and spiked. In spite of this we have managed a few trips and they need to be added to the site. I'll start with our visit to Congaree National Park in SC.

This site covers many of the places we've visited in the past several years. You'll find information and photos on the places we've paddled with Nessie and Clem our two tandem kayaks and places we've explored without our kayaks. It's hard to fit an 16' or 13'kayak in the overhead bin on an airplane. I've briefly described a few of the trips below, but there are many not covered here. For a complete idea of what's here, click on the menu for a specific regions, for example exploring NC and then explore the menu for the pages there. And be sure to check out the National Parks pages.

Be sure to check What's new for information on new pages and pages that have been updated.


Congaree National Park

Congaree National Park in South Carolina is a relatively new national park.It doesn't have the views that other parks have. Rather it protects a unique ecosystem - an ancient alluvial floodplain. It holds the largest intact tract of old-growth bottomland hardwood forest remaining in the U.S. The park contains some of the tallest trees in Eastern North America with one of the highest canopies in the world with broad bio-diversity.

We found the experience at Congaree National Park wonderful and different from that of other national parks.

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Beautiful Feast for the Eyes

Yellow leaves on Skyline Drive
Fall on the Skyline Drive

We spent a few days driving the Skyline Drive in Virginia this November 2021. When we got on the Skyline Drive, the collors from the treee on each side of the road was so wonderful that my wife said This is a beatiful feast for the eyes. The trees along the road provided a wall of color on both sides of the road. It is easy to see why the road if packed on weekend with people admiring the colors.

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Lost Coin Trenton NC
Lost Coin

Joy of road trips:Interesting sights found while driving

In our trips we've found many interesting sights that are worth a short stop to explore. Some of them we've been able to find information about, but others look like they have a story to tell, but we haven't been able to uncover it. This section highlights some of our finds.

Check out this section for some intersting sights. And be sure to look for interesting sights in your travels.

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