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Exploring Resources

White water on Deep Creek
Deep Creek Great Smoky Mountains National Park

The resources in this area are books and web sites that provide information on hikes, waterfalls, cooking, history and other things I find interesting.


Waterfalls of Virginia and West Virginia by Kevin Adams. Complete coverage of waterfalls in Virginia and West Virginia. As with the NC book above, Adams provides tips on photography.

Waterfalls of the smokies Published by the Great Smoky Mountains Association. Lists most of the waterfalls in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. Organized by area of the park.

Great Walks The Great Smokies Just what the title says. Great hikes mostly of less than 5 miles that can be accomplished in a day. If you're in modest shape you should be able to handle any of the hikes in the books. If you're planning on visiting the Great Smoky Mountain Park, this is a must have.

Best of the Blue Ridge Parkway by Nye Simmons. We've driven the entire length of the Blue Ridge Parkway several times, and some sections many many time. Yet there were some places in this book that we missed. Very useful guide to the Parkway

The Blue Ridge ParkwayThe history and attractions of the Blue Ridge Parkway.

The Second World War John Keegan's one volume history of the Second World War.

The Fields of Battle: The wars for North America by John Keegan. Discussion of some of the major battlefields in the many wars fought for dominance of North America.

The websites here cover a range of topics that I've found interesting. I hope that you find something useful here.

Web Resources