Mountains and sky in Montana
Montana Big Sky Country

Exploring Montana

Montana is a special place for me because I lived there for 5 years while I growing up (the longest I lived in one place until I moved here to North Carolina). So when we drive to Montana it's kind of like coming home. There's something about the mountains, the plains, and the big sky that talks to me.

Montana is where the prairie ends and the mountains begin. And it is really big. It's a long way between place here.

Black and White of Wooden Grain Elevator in Montana
Abandoned Wooden Grain Elevator
Color photo of Wooden Grain Elevator
Wooden Grain Elevator

While we were driving, we noticed this old wooden grain elevator. It is a a relic of a time long ago. We noticed numerous abandoned grain elevators as we drove across Montana, but this was the only wooden one we saw.

All of our exploration of Montana occurs when we were on our way to somewhere else--Yellowstone National Park,Glacier National Park, Canada, and Little Bighorn Battlefield--for example. But we took time for some side trips and saw some interesting things. These pages will cover some of the interesting things we found.

The major places, like the national parks, are covered in the national parks section of the website.