Moon and Mountains Waterton Lakes
Moon and Mountains Waterton Lakes National Park Alberta

Waterton Lakes National Park

Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta Canada and Glacier National Park in Montana, United States form the first International Peace. Waterton Lake, inside the Waterton portion of the Peace Park, provides access to the Goat Haunt portion of Glacier National Park.

Buffalo Flats entering Waterton National Park
Buffalo Flats on the way to Waterton National Park

The view of Buffalo Flats is a must stop as you approach Waterton National Park. There is a historical marker that gives the early history of the settling of the area around the park.

The entire area was servery damaged by the 2013 spring floods in Alberta. Thus most of the trails and road in Waterton Lakes National Park were closed due to flood damage. This limited our exploration to the Red Rock Canyon area and the area around the Waterton Township.

Red rocks of Red Rock Canyon
Red Rock Canyon

The Prince of Wales Inn dominates the view of the Waterton Lakes. Even if you're not staying in the inn you can enter it and enjoy the lobby. It is quite a place.

Prince of Wales Inn and Waterton Lake
Prince of Wales Inn

The boat trip to Goat Haunt in Glacier National Park, US is a must do. Even you you don't want to explore the Goat Haunt area, the scenic trip around Waterton Lake is worth the time and money. Be sure to watch for bold eagles on the trip.

Boat on Waterton Lakes
Boat on Waterton Lakes
Bold Eagle

The Waterton Townsite is worth exploring. The views of the mountains and the lake were wonderful. And there numerous places to eat and shop. And if you get up early in the morning you'll find deer all over the place. This is also the place to stay or camp.

Mountains and Waterton Lake
Waterton Lakes
Black and white sunset
Waterton Lakes
Color sunset

Waterton Lakes National Park is home to a small herd of buffalo (bison). The buffalo are not free range animals and are confined to a fenced in paddock. The buffalo paddock is just north of the Waterton Lakes Park entrance. You can take a loop road around the paddock

Buffalo (bison)
Cameron Falls, Waterton Lakes
Cameron Falls, Waterton Lakes National Park