Beaver Dam Lake,NC
Beaver Dam Lake, North Carolina

Paddling Beaver Dam Lake State Park, North Carolina

Beaver Dam Lake
Beaver Dam Lake

Beaver Dam Lake is a great place for us to paddle.It's only about 40 miles from home. So it's close enough for a for a short evening paddle. And the lake is large and interesting enoough for a full day paddle with lunch on the lake.

Beaver Dam Lake is often considered part of Fall Lake, however it is a separate lake separated from Falls Lake by a dam. It's a much more friendly place to paddle than Fall Lake.

There are several picnic area around the lake if you don't want to paddle. And there are a few fishing docks for those more interested in fishing than in paddleing. For thos interested in paddling there is a lareg boat ramp with lots of parking for your car after you uload you boat. The area around the boat ramp has a swiming beach, bath house, and restrooms. The swiming beach is popular in the summer but not crowded.

The lake is power boat free. The only boat motors allowed are electric motors. All other boats are person or wind powered. So you'll won't have to deal with wakes and high speed boats. The lake is not crowded so once you get away from the boat ramp, you pretty much have the lake to yourself. When you leave the boat ramp you can paddle south to the dam, but we usually paddle north to visit several branches of the lake and to a marshy area where the channel go thouch water lilles and other plants.

Great Blue Heron
Great Blue Heron at Beaver Dam Lake

The lake is surrounded by forest and has become a rookery for herons, ospreys and bald eagles. There are also some wood duck nesting areas. Because the forest is made up of mostly hardwood trees it is very pretty in the fall.

Trees at Beaver Dam Lake
Beaver Dam Lake
Sunset at Beaver Dam Lake
Sunset Beaver Dam Lake