Sunset over Currituck Sound
Sunset over Frozen Currituck Sound

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Welcome to Travels with Nessie.

Nessie and Clem

This site is about our travels with and without our tandem kayaks, Nessie (our original kayak) and Clem (our new kayak). We've been lucky to visit much of the US on our travels. We've taken either Nessie or Clem on several of our trips and have greatly enjoyed quiet water paddling in them. But sometimes they have to stay home--you can't get a 16 feet long kayak in the overhead bin on an airplane. Check out About Nessie and Clem for more information about our Kayaks.

What's here

I've posted short trip reports and photos of the highlights of our various trips. In some cases I've posted more extensive photo galleries to show you the beauty of these special places. Check out the Recent Photo Galleries and Older Photo Gallery for lots of photos of several of the beautiful places we've visited.

As you can see from the small samples of photos on this page, we've been to some wonderful places. We've been to more places than I've had a chance to post. But I'm trying to get caught up, so check back often.

If you're interested in quiet water paddling, check the pages covering paddling. We seek out pretty and interesting paddles on lakes and quiet stretches of rivers. We don't do whitewater. Lakes on windy days are rough enough for us.

If you're interested in the wonderful National Parks in the US, check out the National Parks Pages Or just pick a page at random from the menus. The most recent additions to the National Parks pages are Cumberland National Seashore and Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Sea gull flying past glacier in Glacier Bay National Park
Sea Gull and Glacier, Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska
Waterfalls from melting Glacier and Snow College Fjord Alaska
Waterfalls from melting glacier College Fjord, Alaska
Linville Falls, North Carolina
Linville Falls, North Carolina
Green River Overlook Canyonlands National Park
Green River Overlook Canyonlands National Park
Tree Reflected in Lower Yellowstone Prong
Reflection at Lower Yellowstone Prong Falls, Graveyard Fields Blue Ridge Parkway

Favorite Paddles Merchant's Mill Pond and Bear Creek Lake

If we had to choose our favorite paddling spots in North Carolina, we'd pick Merchant's Mill Pond in Eastern North Carolina and Bear Creek Lake in Western North Carolina.

We've paddled Merchant's Millpond twice, in 2003 and in 2010. Merchant's Millpond is in Gates County and is pretty much in the middle of nowhere.

We haven't paddled Bear Creek Lake for quite awhile.

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